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The Firm

Vindrauga Corporation is an investment management company specializing in lending and purchasing debt in situations that do not meet the criteria of traditional Commercial Banks.  Through creativity, flexibility and speed, we are able to provide solutions to our clients financial needs.

Capital and Liquidity to Operate Your Business

Vindrauga understands that operating a business is more art than science.  Timing differences, surprises, and exponential growth can put pressure on a company's working capital.  We can help you navigate through these issues.

At Vindauga we have the combined expertise of lenders and investors with the ability to analyze each transaction on its own merit.  We don't hide behind policies and procedures in making credit decisions.  We will consider lending into industries that are currently out of favor with commercial banks.  If you are looking for a financial partner that uses commonsense, look no further.

We are a California Finance Lender Licensed by the California Department of Corporations Lic. 6039879

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